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What to Expect

At Pro Life Pulse Louisiana, you will experience top-notch workshops, classes, and activities, and you'll learn from the nation's leading pro-life experts. You'll also make great pro-life friends and have a ton of fun! More than just listening and observing, you'll get hands-on interaction and experience in pro-life work.

Here are just a few examples of Pulse activities:


Pro-life persuasion
True Color
Abortion 101
Abortion 201
The Impact of Abortion
The Importance of Pro-life Leadership (Legislator Talk)


LCJ Coffee House
Awesome activities…
We don’t want to give too much away!

Field Trips

Governor’s Mansion or State Capitol (Baton Rouge only), Crisis Pregnancy Center Visit, LCJ Night Out on the Town

* If you are unsure about any of the activities listed above, we encourage you to talk to your camp's sponsors, and get the specific information you need.


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The PULSE Pro-life Youth Initiative is a multi-faceted effort to train the junior high, high school, and college students of Louisiana to be pro-life agents of change in their communities. Get Involved!

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Eunice: November 11-13

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PULSE Louisiana is a project of Louisiana Right to Life in collaboration with Louisiana Students for Life.